Heirloom Cherry Cedar Chest III

Heirloom Cherry Cedar Chest III (Bedroom Furniture, Other)
Heirloom Cherry Cedar Chest III
The Heirloom Cherry Cedar Chest, a rich Heirloom Cherry finished cedar chest with ribbon applique in a scalloped skirt, is an elegant addition to any home. This beautiful Cedar Chest includes three decorative hinges, two spring loaded stay hinges, and an aluminum sealing strip. The back panel has a full finish and strong interlocking corner joints for interior construction. The cedar interior is made from Eastern Red Cedar and is sealed with a protective finish to prevent the cedar oil from transferring to stored items, but allows the cedar aroma through. The Heirloom Cherry Cedar Chest has two high quality roller-catches to eliminate the risk of accidental locking and lost keys while still ensuring that the cedar aroma stays in.
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